NEW! Customer Incentive Program



Online presence is extremely important for new small, family owned businesses like ours. If you have met us, you know we are dedicated and passionate about what we do. It is the best way to help us grow and this new program is one way we are giving back to our valued customers. We appreciate each and every one of you and pride ourselves in positive experiences, customer service and quality animals. 


How you participate:

Post your positive experience as a review or shoutout on Chicagoland/Northern Wisconsin fish.communities. These can include but are not limited to: Our Facebook business page, Google, Chicagoland Cichlid and/or Freshwater fish pages, Chicagoland/Illinois BAND Cichlid, Pleco and/or Freshwater fish pages (if you don't have the app...get it! It's great!) and/or any other community sources you may be a part of. 


What you get:

$1 credit for every shoutout or review of your visit and/or experience. (IE 5 mentions = $5 credit)

$.50 credit for every photo attached to above mentioned shoutout or review. (IE one shoutout w/ photo of your fish from CLA is worth a $1.50 credit)

Credits are applied to your next purchase. 


Extra Incentive: 

Get a $1 credit towards your purchase just for checking in on Google and/or Facebook during your visit! These credits can be used at your current visit. 



Each new review or shoutout that can be validated by tag, screenshot or link is eligible. Validation must be submitted via PM. There is no minimum purchase = opportunity for FREE fish! And there is no maximum on credits given that the review or shoutout on the same page is not for the same visit/purchase. We are able to suspend or change the terms of this incentive at any time.